A Mysterious Process that Hurts Like Heaven

Faith is mysterious. I grew up being taught about Christ and the Bible and not understanding any of it until I was seventeen years of age. The Christian faith will make a man out of a boy. As a teenager the Holy Bible taught me to take a difficult look at who I was becoming. I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I lost my smile once upon a sad time in my life; I smiled brighter than ever when I found it again.

It annoys me whenever preachers or so-called wise men speak as if a life of faith is simple or easy to live. Jesus himself described throughout the gospels a narrow and difficult path that was the equivalent of following him. It was hard for me to decide to follow Jesus. The process of being born again hurt like heaven.

Easter is coming around again on Sunday. Do the carpenter’s hands still have holes in them? This is up to the individual to decide. I’ve never been a pastor. I’ve attempted to live the life of a wise man. It took me from age seventeen to age thirty-three to complete the reading of the entire Bible. I didn’t hurry through the wilderness of the Old Testament. Honestly, parts of the Bible I don’t much care for at all. Yet I believe the carpenter’s hands still have holes in them.

Life is mysterious. I’ve learned much from books other than the Bible and I’ve learned a fascinating deal about life from others other than Christ. Against all odds, I am a Christian. I’ve fought against anger issues and low self esteem and mental illness in my lifetime. Melancholy is a foe of gigantic stature and I hope to never meet this Goliath again. I’ll have my slingshot and stones ready in case I do.

Embrace your life and its mystery if you believe in Jesus or do not believe.

7 thoughts on “A Mysterious Process that Hurts Like Heaven

  1. True the narrow path meant it’s hard to follow him it’s not easy. And that’s why I pray every day for his guidance 🙏

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