Read and Write On

Reading is my favorite hobby. Books have enriched my life in so many ways. A book can be similar to a map that leads one where she or he might like to travel. I read all sorts of stuff from graphic novels to novels to non-fiction memoirs and biographies to theology to young adult novels to the Holy Bible. I’ve been a lot of places from the comfort of my living room easy chair.

Words are powerful weapons. They can be used to divide or bring together. They can make you laugh or make you cry. They can be insults or words of praise. I weigh my words and attempt to use them wisely.

If it were not for the knowledge I’ve discovered through reading then I might not be typing these words tonight. Mental illness and melancholy were a couple of giants I fought against at a young age. I’m thankful for the right book at the right time and the life and joy that that book can bring forth.

Television is not a bad thing, but I think too much TV can distract us from better things. Smart phones are not a bad thing, but I think being addicted to them is detrimental to us. Reading a book takes more perseverance than many other pleasurable hobbies. That book isn’t over in an hour or two usually. Books make the reader pay attention if the reader is going to truly comprehend what they’re reading. Sometimes I struggle to pay attention. Novels and non-fiction help me out with this struggle.

Humanity can learn a lot from books and magazines and consistent reading. I’ve played the part of the fool in the past and way back then I did not have a love of reading. Reading is really more than a hobby for me. It is a thing I feel I have to do on a regular basis. I set a book reading goal on goodreads each new January and I often attain my goal by December 31st.

It’s commonly stated that in order to be a writer one must also be a reader. To this I encourage myself and all of us to read and write on.


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