Let’s Put on Some Fancy Hats

To feel appreciated is a truly wonderful feeling! I enjoy walking into a room and knowing that I have friends or friendly acquaintances present. Being a good friend is something I attempt to be great at. I did not have many friends during my shy childhood when my world was much smaller. As an adult I appreciate my friends and I always hope that our friendship lasts a lifetime.

On Monday I turned the age of 37 and my friends showed up for me in a major way. The Happy Birthday wishes were many and beautiful. The words Happy and Birthday go together like cake and ice cream. Some folks say that their birthday is no big deal or just another day. I say to hell with that nonsense and slice me another piece of cake! I hear one only turns 37 once.

May all of our days have wonder and beauty to them like my recent birthday. Look for the good stuff around you and you will surely discover it. Let’s not say it is just another boring day or a depressing Monday or a trying work day. Let’s make the utmost of all of our days.

Perhaps a reason friends showed such appreciation to me recently is because they know I truly appreciate them and their stories in my life’s story. If we want to have friends then we must first be friendly. Be a great friend to your friends.

Our birthday celebrations only come around once per year, but causes for rejoicing are every new day. Let’s put on some fancy hats and keep the party going. Cheers!

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