The Life Altering Hurricane of Love

It’s easy to dwell on problems and sorrows. It’s hard work to come up with solutions and find joy. A joyful attitude is inspiring and a great traveling companion through the heartaches and happiness on the dirt road of life. All of the problems I’ve ever had cannot conquer or overcome the one solution I’ve found.

Today’s sermon at zoom church through First Presbyterian of Carbondale was on the subject of love. I thoroughly enjoyed its message. If it were not for the life altering hurricane like force of love I would not by typing these words in this present moment. Love rearranged my life many years ago. A soul is better off not being fueled by hatred and bitterness. This is a lesson I learned the hard way.

Love and kindness are what we all need more of in our lives. To hell with pride and fighting. I fight the good fight against these foes. Love solves problems and heals the human heart. I could quote 1 Corinthians chapter 13 from my New Testament Bible, but one would be better off reading it for his or herself.

The one solution I’ve found for my problems is Christ. Following Jesus has saved me from so much and puts a new smile on my face every new day. Christ is greater than bipolar and anger and hate and thoughts of despair and self destruction. Christianity is a crazy story. Although a crazy story can also be a true story.

These are my Sunday afternoon thoughts on joy and love and a life of faith. A happy week ahead to all of you.

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