The Journal of Adventures

After around thirteen years of travel my travel journal is now half way filled. This journal was a college graduation present from a dear friend back in May of 2008. It’s been to Rome and London and Dublin and Paris and Edinburgh and Tulsa and Boothbay and Destin and many other remarkable places. I love my travel journal!

The most recent destination was Destin, Florida with my parents and brother. We visited Uncle Ron and Ira Kaye and had an excellent time. While in Destin I got to enjoy beach walks with my brother and trips around town with everyone. We dined at the finest restaurants. I got some new Brooks Brothers shirts. Dad attained some new books. Mom and Dad acquired some new luggage. And a sunburn got ahold of me at one point in the trip. Oh, yes, and I even made some new friends in the hot tub and swimming pool area of the condo where we stayed for the week.

I wrote about some of this stuff in the travel journal.

It’s important to live in the present moment. I’m all for reminiscing about the joyful times in life. Although the past is no place to buy a home or take up residence. Equally true is that the future is no place to dwell or set up camp either. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow isn’t promised. In this present moment I am at peace with myself and I’m reminiscing about my recent fun vacation.

We human beings perhaps do not write stuff down enough. This seems unfortunate because many of us are prone to forgetfulness. One of the aspects of writing that I adore is that it reminds me of where I’ve been and where I might still venture while bringing me great joy in the moment. I like writing because I want to understand myself more fully.

If you get a chance to travel then I hope you buy the train ticket or plane ticket or just hop in your car and hit the road. If you want to document your journey then drop a few dollars and acquire a travel journal. Twenty or thirty years from now I imagine I’ll look back through my journal of adventures and smile.

By the time I’m that age the journal will be all the way filled.

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