A Word that Means So Much in So Many Varying Ways

Freedom is a word that means so much in so many varying ways to all sorts of people. So today is the Fourth of July and tomorrow I have the day off of work in honor of today. I do enjoy three day weekends! Fireworks shows are also a good time. Although in the world of holidays I must confess the Fourth of July is not my favorite. No, I’m more of a Christmas dude.

Back to what freedom means to me. I would write about what freedom means to you if I knew I could supply the right answer. Alas, I know I cannot do that because you have your own mind and heart and soul and experiences. When I think of what freedom means to me it is a saving grace from my mistakes throughout my life’s story. It seems that many of us want to be better or feel superior to someone else. I don’t feel this way; the only individual I want to be better than is the man I was yesterday. I long to be more free and this longing is taking a lifetime of poor choices and wise ones.

I’m more free than I was once upon a sad time in my life when I was dealing with melancholy and undiagnosed mental illness. Yet, I long for more freedom still! I want to be free from all that separates me from a good life of Christian charity. The good fight of faith is the only fight for me. Others might think a life of faith rather odd and they might be right. I truly do dance to the beat of a unique drummer and I’ll never feel shame or sorrow for doing so. If I wanted to follow the crowd then I never would’ve chosen to follow the Christ.

Jesus was and is and always will be one controversial dude. It’s hard to follow him and his teachings. Yet I’ve found freedom in the following of the carpenter. Freedom is worth living for and chasing after.

Sometimes life seems like a fireworks show. We are all waiting for the big show to explode in bright colors before our eyes. Then, before any of us are ready for it to be over, it’s over. Afterwards most of us are in a rush to beat the crowd out of the parking lot or fairgrounds. I’m all about not being in a rush and simply relaxing while letting other cars go first and beat me out of the parking lot. Fireworks are set off every new day if we have eyes to see the good in life and in each other.

Cheers to freedom and whatever the word means to you!

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