A Happy Duo

Joy and laughter go together like a heroic duo. In the story of my life thus far there’s no longer time for pity parties where I’m the only guest invited. I aim for a happy life and I attain my goal daily. There isn’t enough laughter in our world. Equally true is that there’s not enough joy either. A secret to enjoying life is to forget about ones self and always look up.

The difficult business of choosing joy over sorrow requires perseverance. One must persevere and fight for the good in a world with a whole lot of bad. We cannot change the behavior of others; all we can do is change our own behavior. I choose a joyful attitude each new day.

I’ve been told before that I have a funny and memorable laugh. I laugh often so I have a lot of practice with the art of laughter. People ought to laugh like no one and everyone is listening. We all should fly our cheerful flags with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm and cheerfulness are contagious.

The heroic duo of laughter and joy has taken me far in life. Let’s look for the good in our world and our lives. If you cannot find a good friend then choose to be a good friend instead. If you are unable to find a kind soul then choose to be the kind soul to others. If you find it hard to discover joy then search even harder because it’s worth the seeking.

Authentic happiness doesn’t come easy, but it’s worth the struggle to attain it. I wish you all of the joy and laughter this day and the next and the one after that your soul can contain.

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