A Traveling Library

Life itself is a remarkable gift. I’ve lost sight of this fact at times. Times when I’ve felt burdened or sad, life has felt more like a trap. Perhaps trap isn’t the best word to describe exactly how I felt in those situations. Maybe lost is a better word.

Jesus offered salvation as a free gift and the idea of this free gift travels the course of the New Testament Bible. I believe that I am a saved soul. I never earned salvation, but I did fight like heaven to comprehend what salvation meant for my life’s story. If Christ is the hero of the tale then bipolar has proven to be the villain. Mental illness happens. Human beings can and do overcome its effects. Although the beast of bipolar will not be conquered or subdued without a battle.

Is not life itself a battle? Or perhaps the word struggle is a better choice. Enough about struggles and mental health issues; let’s get back to the present. The gift of life should not be squandered. A secret to enjoying life immensely is to constantly flood our lives with the good stuff in the world. I surround myself with good people and good books and positive attitudes and sentimental movies and the list could go on and on.

My favorite item to give away is a book. Books make for excellent presents! I pass the majority of my books along after I’ve finished reading them. Perhaps the gifts go on the shelf for years or maybe they’re read the very same week. That part is really none of my business or concern. The joy is in the giving itself.

If my life’s story was one enormous book then I’d hope at the final page you’d leave feeling happy. It’s not enough for me to hoard the remarkable gift of life. No, I must give it away in every way I can imagine. If we want to make our world a better place then we first must become better places. Throughout the course of this, my one remarkable life, I hope many that I cross paths with think of me with fondness when we’re no longer crossing paths.

The Christian’s job is to follow Christ Jesus. I aim to do my job to the best of my ability. A narrow road is worth walking and worth the struggle to follow.

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