Hoodie Weather

Do you have a favorite hat or shirt or pair of blue jeans? One of the reasons I look forward to the season of fall is my love of hooded sweatshirts. I’ve owned a couple of my hoodies for over a decade! My hoodies in total number 7. My favorite is a green one that’s traveled the world and around Carbondale with me.

I am enjoying the recent change in the temperature in Carbondale. Lately it’s been a little cooler outside. I don’t know that I’m ready for icy conditions or bitter cold yet, but I am ready for cool. The next couple of months will be time for my hoodies to display their bright array of colors.

I’m sentimental about getting rid of clothes. Truly, I wear my clothes until they’re falling apart. Hawaiian shirts are hanging on still from my eighth grade year of school. Hoodies from my mid-twenties still have life in them. Button up shirts from Lucky Brand Jeans are still buttoning up after over 10 years. I’m a saver and I save my clothes until they’re no longer salvageable.

We should celebrate our favorite items! These items could be an old CD or an old vinyl record or a camera from years past or a childhood action figure or a favorite pair of jeans. Material items certainly aren’t all there is to life, but I do believe in taking good care of my stuff. I celebrate my hoodies and I rejoice in the season of fall!

Enjoy this season and the change in weather and don’t forget to break out your favorite clothes.

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