Cheers for Dad

All of us only get one holiday a year that we can truly claim as our holiday. Of course I am referring to birthdays. My family makes a large deal out of birthdays. Let’s just say that if our birthdays were a coffee beverage from Starbucks the size would be venti every time. Venti or don’t even bother with the coffee! Go large or don’t go at all! Happy (insert your favorite cuss word here) birthday!

Yesterday my father turned the age of 64. My family and I went all out for Dad. Dad’s presents included new pajamas, a marvelous bracelet, a new Norah Jones Christmas album, a Newman (from the Seinfeld TV show) action figure and a glass of wine at the movie theater we frequented in St. Louis. Other people showed up for Dad on his birthday as well. He received birthday cards and many wishes of birthday joy on facebook. Cheers for Dad!

We took a day trip to St. Louis in honor of the birthday. My brother and Dad and I saw a movie titled “Lamb” in the Plaza Frontenac mall. We all three enjoyed the film. Mom checked out a spy movie. After the movie I bought some licorice from a chocolate shop that comes in the shape of Scottish Terriers. They were delicious and there are still some left today! After our movies we went to a fine Italian restaurant where the food was five stars on the five star scale. I had a Tom Collins to drink and a chicken dish that was outstanding. The rest of the family thoroughly enjoyed the experience also.

Dad and I are alike in a lot of ways really. One of those ways is that we greet each new anniversary of our birth with unashamed joy. Congratulations to us because we made it another year! Break out the cake! Bring in the presents! Plan the party! Where’s the camera? Where are the cards? What is life itself if it is not a joyful dance of sorts?

So I’ve said this to say happy birthday to my dad. I thank him for showing me that life is meant to be lived with gusto and joy instead of endured with drudgery or sorrow. Sad stories can be sold elsewhere. We have zero interest in buying them yesterday, today or tomorrow. No, we are too busy eating cake and traveling to our next destination.

Happy birthday, Dad!


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