Look for the New in 2022

A new year is two weeks underway! Did you make any new goals for 2022? A new goal of mine is to write more fiction stories this year. I find great joy and satisfaction in completing a new short story. Another goal of mine is to read more books this year than last year. In 2021 I read 43. A third goal is to lose around 15 pounds. Let’s cheer each other on in our goals.

Resolutions are too all or nothing for me. When I think of a resolution I think of the idea of giving up something for the religious season of Lent. I’ve never tried to give up anything for the Lent season for 40 days because I’ve always known I would fail within the first week. I resolve to make no more resolutions in the month of January.

What shall the new year bring us? Certainly it will bring us more of what we’ve already experienced in previous years. Although might it also bring us something brand new? Let’s be on the lookout for the new in our lives. We might be fascinated by what we discover!

I hope by this date in 2023 I will be a better writer than I am at this moment and I hope I have the stories and blogs to prove it. I hope a year from now that I’ve read an assortment of excellent novels and books in general of all sorts. I hope I’m down at least 10 pounds. And I hope I keep a hopeful spirit alive in myself always.

2022 has only just begun. Where do we want it to take us? I hope we delight in the journey!


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