Boomer’s Cassette Player

The following is a flash fiction story.

The year was 1995 and young Boomer was hoping for a cassette tape player on Christmas morning. This young lad at age 12 was beginning to lose interest in Nintendo games. Boomer believed he’d take up a new hobby and music sounded good to his interests and ears. Compact discs were what all his buddies were collecting. Young Boomer wanted his music in a different manner. All he really needed was a radio and tape player combo to keep the tunes coming.

It was the eve of the jolly day. Precisely it was 11:55 PM. Five minutes until the official start of Christmas. Boomer kept clicking the glow button on his cool blue watch in order to illustrate the time. Christmas was so (insert a favorite cuss word here) close! The boy could hear his parents downstairs laughing so he knew that they were still up and awake and drinking boxed wine. At 11:59 he had a lightbulb burning bright moment. He would crash their wine party and demand presents in the present moment!

12:00 AM was upon Boomer in no time at all. So he threw his bed covers off of himself and hollered “Merry Christmas and here I come!” It was Christmas and there was life to be lived fully and presents to open all the way and music to sing along with. The cassette tape player was number one on his list and he simply knew his parents wouldn’t fail him this time.

“Put down the wine and spare me some of your time,” hollered Boomer upon arriving in the downstairs living room.

“What’s the grand idea here, pal?” his dad said as he grinned widely.

“It isn’t Christmas morning yet, Boomer,” Mom said.

Boomer had no time for their nonsense. He was opening presents faster than an elf could wrap them. Mom and Dad full of red wine started laughing and opening presents also. And then there it was! It was the final present he discovered and it was a marvelous Sony cassette and radio player. A few gifts earlier one of his presents had been a tape by Cat Stevens titled Tea for the Tillerman.

Immediately Boomer plugged in the player and popped in the cassette. A new love was born for the boy that Christmas. As the tape was getting to its final songs young Boomer enjoyed the classic Father and Son. In that moment he knew it was time to enjoy his new favorite hobby and to grow up a little.


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