Four Paragraphs on Love

There’s the old statement about actions speaking louder than words. Now I’m about to use some words to discuss how I find that statement to be true. Love in action is greater than someone saying they love me and then proving their self to be a liar via their treatment of me. It’s best when […]

The Secret Ticket

Manic depression can be one hell of a bad time. The old label is manic-depressive illness and the new label is bipolar. I’ve wondered before what exactly my life might’ve looked like if I had not been born with manic depression. Would I have been nonstop happy without hardly a care in the world? Would […]

Go Have Some Fun Today

The individual that has hobbies has no time for boredom. There is always something to create or watch or listen to or read or somewhere to travel or somebody to photograph or perhaps a friend to meet for an adult beverage. Sometimes people get to the age of retirement and yet they keep on working. […]

A Story About Karaoke and Stories

A wonderful aspect of writing is that there are limitless possibilities concerning subject matter. When it comes to crafting fiction there are no wrong answers. With non-fiction the choices of what one might write about are as far as their knowledge of the world stretches. Perhaps writer’s block is more of a myth than a […]

The Beauty of the Eraser

A friend of mine recently enquired about whether or not I had ever made a bucket list. Now I have seen a good movie titled “The Bucket List” but I’ve never so much made a serious list for myself of things to do before I leave this earth behind. The reply I had for my […]

Five Star Friends

Friends should be appreciated. I aspire to always treat my friends with kindness while letting them know that they are dear to me. Let’s not take our fellow humanity for granted or treat them poorly. Kindness is key to making and keeping friendships. Friendly kindness can be underrated in American culture. It’s good to always […]

Congratulations Class of 2022

Today was graduation day for the students of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I’m happy for them! Graduating from college is a tremendous accomplishment. 2008 was a good year for me and also the year I graduated from SIUC. I began working full-time for my beloved university in 2009. One could say that college has been […]

A Plethora of Kind People

Peacemaking is an undervalued virtue. To be at peace with one’s self and to give peacefulness away isn’t always so easily accomplished. As a boy I dealt with issues of an ill temper. I overcame the problem at a young age. It wasn’t easy to fight the good fight to become a better version of […]

Keep Creating

Why does one write? Does the author write only for their self or are they writing for their readers? How constructive is the audience’s constructive criticism? Is it easier to simply give up on writing than it is to keep placing pen to paper? I write with the hope of being read. I write to […]