Pints With Ray Bradbury

I wasn’t always a dedicated reader. As a child and as a teenager I had little time for books. Around the age of eighteen is when I chose to begin giving books the attention they deserved. I’ve been a consistent reader and lover of literature for around twenty years now. Controversial books can be some […]

A Kind Word for the Road Ahead

Words spoken with kindness are never wasted on me. Whenever I am given a heartfelt compliment I then proceed to carry it with me all of the rest of my days. I have a great memory when it comes to the good stuff. Our world needs more kindness and words of appreciation. This can start […]

A Good Positive Plot Twist

We never know when our lives might possibly change for the better. The world can seem full of disappointments. Heartaches at every corner and devastating news the next block over can seem like the story of our lives at times. The thing about stories, though, is that one never knows when or where the plot […]

The Art of the Extra Mile

The old saying states that showing up is half of life. Another saying I enjoy speaks of going the extra mile. If I don’t show up and go the first mile that I was supposed to journey, then how shall I travel the second mile? Yes, truly, showing up is a large part of life. […]

A Saluki for Life

Southern Illinois University Carbondale has been the home where I roam since 2006. My times as a student were joyful from 2006 to 2008 and my times as staff have been incredible from 2009 until this present day. It’s interesting how campus looked different when I was an undergraduate student than it does as a […]

A Traveling Library

Life itself is a remarkable gift. I’ve lost sight of this fact at times. Times when I’ve felt burdened or sad, life has felt more like a trap. Perhaps trap isn’t the best word to describe exactly how I felt in those situations. Maybe lost is a better word. Jesus offered salvation as a free […]

A Happy Duo

Joy and laughter go together like a heroic duo. In the story of my life thus far there’s no longer time for pity parties where I’m the only guest invited. I aim for a happy life and I attain my goal daily. There isn’t enough laughter in our world. Equally true is that there’s not […]

The Journal of Adventures

After around thirteen years of travel my travel journal is now half way filled. This journal was a college graduation present from a dear friend back in May of 2008. It’s been to Rome and London and Dublin and Paris and Edinburgh and Tulsa and Boothbay and Destin and many other remarkable places. I love […]