A Traveling Library

Life itself is a remarkable gift. I’ve lost sight of this fact at times. Times when I’ve felt burdened or sad, life has felt more like a trap. Perhaps trap isn’t the best word to describe exactly how I felt in those situations. Maybe lost is a better word. Jesus offered salvation as a free […]

A Happy Duo

Joy and laughter go together like a heroic duo. In the story of my life thus far there’s no longer time for pity parties where I’m the only guest invited. I aim for a happy life and I attain my goal daily. There isn’t enough laughter in our world. Equally true is that there’s not […]

The Journal of Adventures

After around thirteen years of travel my travel journal is now half way filled. This journal was a college graduation present from a dear friend back in May of 2008. It’s been to Rome and London and Dublin and Paris and Edinburgh and Tulsa and Boothbay and Destin and many other remarkable places. I love […]

The Life Altering Hurricane of Love

It’s easy to dwell on problems and sorrows. It’s hard work to come up with solutions and find joy. A joyful attitude is inspiring and a great traveling companion through the heartaches and happiness on the dirt road of life. All of the problems I’ve ever had cannot conquer or overcome the one solution I’ve […]

Show Up Happy

An old saying wisely states, “Showing up is half of life.” I try to show up when and where I’m wanted and needed. To be reliable is a good thing to be. Reliability matters in our work lives and our relationships with friends. If I fail to first show up where I’m needed then obviously […]

Let’s Put on Some Fancy Hats

To feel appreciated is a truly wonderful feeling! I enjoy walking into a room and knowing that I have friends or friendly acquaintances present. Being a good friend is something I attempt to be great at. I did not have many friends during my shy childhood when my world was much smaller. As an adult […]

Read and Write On

Reading is my favorite hobby. Books have enriched my life in so many ways. A book can be similar to a map that leads one where she or he might like to travel. I read all sorts of stuff from graphic novels to novels to non-fiction memoirs and biographies to theology to young adult novels […]

Ideas for Free

Where do writers get their ideas? I recall a friend from church inquiring about this once when she heard that I liked to write. I was much younger in those days and I don’t believe I articulated an answer to the question because I did not know the correct response myself. At the age of […]