Read and Write On

Reading is my favorite hobby. Books have enriched my life in so many ways. A book can be similar to a map that leads one where she or he might like to travel. I read all sorts of stuff from graphic novels to novels to non-fiction memoirs and biographies to theology to young adult novels […]

Ideas for Free

Where do writers get their ideas? I recall a friend from church inquiring about this once when she heard that I liked to write. I was much younger in those days and I don’t believe I articulated an answer to the question because I did not know the correct response myself. At the age of […]

A Polaroid Picture Worthy Day

Celebrations are good and good for us! My family practices the habit of keeping the party going for holidays and birthdays. I believe in celebrating all new days gifted. Each new day I aim to be better than the day before and have the new greatest day of my life. For me this is the […]

Love and Old Shirts

To Write Love On Her Arms is a charity I’ve long admired. This charity helps raise awareness for those dealing with depression, addiction, self injury and suicide. I bought one of their shirts at the Vans Warped Tour concert back in 2010 outside of St. Louis. An interesting story is that I still own the […]

A Hard Road to Travel

For many years I have sought after light. I need light to guide and to save me. I need it to chase away the darkness. Light is necessary for love to enter my soul. I’ve read both of the testaments the Holy Bible has to offer. There’s much talk of darkness and light contained in […]

Sentimental Souls

I enjoy collecting items of value as I travel through life. Stuff that is significant becomes my treasured possessions. Other stuff, that many would view as insignificant, is also treasured. I know that I’m a sentimental soul because I’ve always been a saver and an individual that wants the good stuff life has to offer […]

Read and Write On

Each new January I set a reading goal on my goodreads page. Goodreads is similar to Facebook except it’s for book lovers. Every new book I finish reading I’ll then add to my page. According to goodreads by the close of this year I should reach over 700 books read throughout my lifetime. All of […]

Happy Sunday Vibes

Different days of the week have different feelings, or vibes, to them. Monday has a certain feel to it because many of us are beginning our work weeks on Mondays. Wednesday marks the halfway point of the work week and I’d say a lot of people feel Wednesday vibes. Friday has such a vibe to […]

Two Inevitable Foes

Loss and grief are two unfortunate aspects of the human experience. These two foes are inevitable. If an individual lives long enough they’ll lose someone or something dear to them. Whenever that loss or death occurs a part of ourself dies at the same time. Joy will return, however, and life will stampede on. We […]