The Gentle Clicking of the Keys on the Keyboard

It can be difficult just to sit down and relax at times. Life can be busy with work. Then it can be busy with social events. Yet then when I am not busy I might think, Wasn’t there something I was supposed to be doing? It is a good thing to sit in the silence for a while just to think or to create or to think about creating and then sit down to do the hard work of creation.

The world around us is a noisy one. Televisions are on in the other rooms. Cell phones keep beeping away. Somebody is shouting out chores to do to the boy who just wants to read a good book in peace. I grow weary of the noise sometimes and I long for the silence or merely the clicking of the keys on the computer keyboard.

Peace is something a soul can have inside and then graciously give away to others. Unrest is a great burden. There is an art to being a peaceful person. The temptation can be to puff up and look tough and repay wrong for wrong or hate for more hate. The man who practices the art of peace has no time for quarreling or vengeance.

My mind is a noisy place and yet my heart is at peace. I always try to think with my heart rather than my mind with bipolar. Disabilities can lead to extraordinary abilities. In my heart there is love. In my mind there is disease and the attitude, or mind, of Christ Jesus. I have much in this life to be thankful for and to rejoice in.

I give thanks for relaxing and silent times when there is no noise outside my mind except for the gentle clicking of the keys on the keyboard.

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