Zoom Coffee for Two

In our time of social distancing I met up with a dear friend this morning by means of a Zoom meeting. My friend Sheila asked me recently if I would be interested in meeting her for a Zoom coffee. Of course I said yes. She set up the meeting for 9:00 AM.

I had to hurry to make it to our meeting on time! I wanted to have a shower and look my best. A shave was in order. I had not shaved for around three days. Unfortunately, I did not shave again this morning. I sacrificed my shave in order for the greater good of being timely. I wore a nice button-up shirt and cologne. During our virtual coffee rendezvous I made the joke that the cologne did not really matter and was probably unnecessary to the enjoyment and success of our meeting. Sheila laughed.

My friend and I discussed what our lives look like currently. We talked of books and working from home as we sipped our coffees. I brought in a couple of toy figurine guests to join the coffee party. They were and are Charles Dickens and Albert Einstein. These toys are right next to my home computer. Sheila seemed happy to see them and of course they were happy to be seen. Next time I might invite Mr. Spock from Star Trek, who is on the other side of the computer, to our coffee rendezvous. Sheila’s cats invited themselves to sit on her lap and take up video time. I was happy to see them and they could not have cared less about being seen.

Let’s keep meeting up with our friends and those who are special to us in this odd time in human history. Make the call. Send the text. Set up the virtual coffee meeting. Write a letter or postcard. This strange time will pass and our friends will still be our friends.

So bring out your computers and your action figure toys and your cats and dogs and your smiles and laughter and let’s keep the party going. I will look forward to meeting my friends in person again. That will be a happy day with much coffee. Although for now I will punch in the password and smile for the camera in order to see a friendly face smiling back.

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